The most haunted building in New York is right here in Albany.Do you believe in the paranormal? Is the movie Ghostbusters more reality than fantasy for you? Then this list is for you! recently listed the most haunted places in all 50 states and according to the website the state capital building is the most haunted place in New York. According to the website, this one tops the list in our state because of the ghosts rumored to walk the halls, including:

  • 2 US Presidents
  • A man who committed suicide in 1890
  • A watchman who died in a fire 1911

Now, I am not a big believer in the paranormal. But maybe this could explain some of the wacky things our politicians do? Haha! I will say this, compared to the scary places in some of the other states, our haunted statehouse does not seem to bad. And I like to think maybe those 2 US Presidents are just watching over and assisting our current elected officials.