I remember my first teaching job.  I was paid $11,200.  That's for the whole year.  Well, I found a bottle of wine that cost twice that-I kid you not! 

I found it in an article at HuffingtonPost.com.  There are actually wines that cost more than that.  In fact, 10 times as much.  I found this on YouTube.com

How absurd is that?  According to my calculations,  I could buy a bottle of  YellowTail Merlot for half of the population of the town of Niskayuna (10,000!!) .  That's hysterical!  I wouldn't care if this bottle belonged to Noah!  I wouldn't care HOW much money I had, I'd never even consider this!

Would you?  If you had all the money on earth, would you purchase this?  Would love to know!  (Heck, I was happy with the Boons Farm Apple Wine we bought in college!)