You're going to think I'm making this up, but there actually is an iPotty. You're also going to think I've invented the weapons that the TSA have confiscated that we don't know about.  All this on Tech talk for this week. 

I have the perfect gift for the mom who is having a difficult time toilet training their young in's.   The question is - do you think I am making this up or not.  It was unveiled at the consumer electronics show this year in Las Vegas.  It's a plastic toilet with a plastic podium in the middle that holds an iPad.  It is called the iPotty.  This way they can watch Dora the Explora, play candy crush, order stuff on amazon  while they are coin what they do.

Don't believe me?  I am putting a video up this morning
That's bizarre, I admit, but has something even more bizarre.  They have an article about the good old TSA (Transportation Security Administration).  This organization has decided to put up an Instagram account showing all of the goodies they have confiscated from all of the looney tunes out there.  I guess it's an attempt to show everyone that they're doing their job.  I guess they are!
  Here's just one of the items - a gun knife. (Gun Knife?  Why would you disguise one illegal weapon inside another illegal weapon? )
courtesy TSA Instagram account
       Here's a weapon disguised as a pack of cigarettes (dumb asses - Marlboro is spelled wrong!)
TSA instagram
 You can read more about it at  Remember to report any suspicious activity when traveling. (of course, after reading this, EVERYONE'S suspicious!