In America it has always been a belief that bigger is better. From John Wayne, to Wilt Chamberlain to the SUV we like big things here.

 As we approach St. Patrick's Day in the Capital Region, a huge holiday in this region due to the number of Irish descendants, I ask this one question:

"Don't we need a bigger leprechaun in America?"

Of course we do! Look at all of the things we have super sized in this country to satisfy our mantra that "bigger is better". We have super sized milk shakes, french fries, hamburgers, SUV's, TV screens, Santa Claus decorations, Easter Bunny decorations, Halloween pumpkins and decorations too.

It's time for an American super sized leprechaun people. Who better to take the crown for this than the American born "Incredible Hulk"?

Just dress him up in a big goofy St. Patty's day hat, with a "kiss me I'm Irish" ripped and tattered T-shirt, and switch out the purple pants for some dark green boxer briefs and "BAM" you have got the biggest Irish billboard in America.

Imagine him changing some of his trademark punch lines for St. Patrick's Day in America to really cement the image.

For example, he could march in the huge NYC and Boston St. Patrick's Day parade and instead of saying the usual, "Hulk Smash" he could say, "Hulk Drink"!

He could clobber 5,000 pound mounds of cabbage and potatoes into mush that is ready for consumption in about 8 seconds.

Please get on the bandwagon and share this blog on your facebook, we've only got a few week's left.

I'm sure Marvel Comics would love the free PR.