Memorial Day weekend might have a little more rain then we were hoping for so maybe we should catch a movie. Three major releases this weekend. The Hangover 3, Fast and Furious 6 and Epic.

The makers of The Hangover swear to us this is an actual NEW movie. The Hangover and the Hangover 2 were basically the same movie. The preview for The Hangover 3 apears to have simularities but they did add John Goodman so there is that.



I have to admit the last "Fast and Furious" I saw was "Tokyo Drift". I was a little shocked they were all the way up to 6. However you make and action movie with Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and The Rock it's gonna be a hit(just like Fast and Furious 5).



Also opening this week is the movie my daughter informed me we were going to see Monday, "Epic". It's an amimated adventure movie...I never stood a chance!