The best selling game  of all time is "Call of Duty Black Ops". When the game came out it had over a Billion dollars in sales in 6 weeks. Last year in August "Activision" confirmed it had sold over 25 million copies worldwide making it the best selling game in history. Now in November of this year "Call of Duty" releases the sequel.

I have done a bit of research and can't help but get excited at what the developers have said so far. The campaign section of the game looks to be incredible and takes place in the year 2025. The future date gives them an opportunity to use a little imagination in the weaponry for example there is a rifle that using a radar/thermal scope can see and shoot through walls. Awesome.

Of course there will be Zombies as that is one of the more popular segment of the game as well  and of course my favorite, multi-player.

There has not been too much leaked about the multi-player experience yet but the things I have heard are intriguing. One of the developers said that they are going to build the multi- player experience from the ground up. They will be looking at everything with fresh eyes and that there will be no "sacred cows" so you may indeed see a lot of changes in that part of the game experience.

With all that said, I know not only am I excited, I have already reserved my copy which will come out in November. You may want to do the same. As it looks right now this could be a midnight release of record proportions.

The other day they had an "unveiling" about 10 minutes worth of "campaign mode" and it just looks intense, I'll let you take a look and would love to hear what you think about the new C.O.D. game.