A recent study determined each state's favorite Christmas movie, and New York's is a classic.

Credit: CableTV.com

According to CableTV.com, our favorite movie in New York is 'It's A Wonderful Life' starring Jimmy Stewart. Is this really any shock to those of us living here? First, it is an absolute classic. You most likely watch this one every Christmas. Second, according to legend, Bedford Falls (The town in the movie) was modeled after Seneca Falls in Upstate New York. Hey, we like hometown movies, right? And finally - what other movie leaves you appreciating life so much?

To determine the favorite movie in each state the study "...took top-rated holiday movies as ranked by viewers over at American Movie Classics. Then, we cross-referenced them with Google Trends state data from the past decade to see which holiday favorites were most likely to pop up on TVs in your town."

You can see the favorite movie in each state here. And don't for get - 'Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.'