If you're going to go to the Taste Of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain on June 13-15th, you need to be prepared AND informed.  You need to REALLY know the artists who are up there performing.  Take this little Eddie Montgomery quiz and see how you do.  (It won't take long)

               Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry - just PART of the incredible lineup
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                                               OK, here's your quiz..
!.  Eddie Montgomery as a teenager was a drummer in his parent's band-  Fact or Crap?
 2. Eddie's first name is not really Eddie, or even Edward.    Fact Or Crap?
  3.  It's amazing that he made in the business, because he lost every talent show he ever entered.   Fact Or Crap?
  4. Eddie's parents had music equipment in their living room. Fact Or Crap?
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 1. Answer FACT :  he actually replacing his mother in the group!
 2. Answer FACT:  First name Gerald.  Middle name Edward
 3. Answer CRAP  In 1994 he won the Jim Beam Talent search.
 4. Answer FACT.  Very little furniture, just music equipment.  (Wow - I wish I grew up there!)
   How did you do?  Well, you'll get another chance.  Stay tuned for your Troy Gentry test in another article
   (source - CountryMusicabout.com)