"I'm saving my first kiss for marriage".  That is an actual quote from "19 and Counting" - the very popular reality show that everyone watches but me.  I need to start, I think!  The quote became the first line for Write a Song Wednesday! 

Here are the lines that you, the listener came up with.  Boy, this song went in an entirely different direction than we thought it would!

And now, here's the finished product.  Somehow I heard an Irish limerick type of thing in my head, so that's what I went with (there's nothing much else in my head at 7am, so I had lots of room to work)

We're saving our first kiss for marriage

we're too young for a baby in a carriage

still have so much to do
and not sure I even love you
It's Michele and Jim Bobs rule
to forgive you when you're bing a tool
but once we start poppin em out
together forever without a doubt