Some people call it amateur hour, but whatever you think of New Year's Eve it is definitely a night to party. The chances are the drunkest city in New York will be this upstate New York town.

Now your first guess for the drunkest city on New Year's Eve would be New York City right? Times Square and the whole celebration would be a good first guess, but are all those people there really drinking in public?

With all the nightlife in Saratoga, maybe that would be your guess. But I think that would be a miss as well. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Watertown, New York, which was recently named the Drunkest City in New York by 24/7 Wall Street. Hey, if a city is the drunkest year round, why wouldn't that apply on New Year's Eve, right? Watertown finished at #1 in New York when it came to, having a high rate of binge and heavy drinking in the state.

Watertown residents like their sauce, and New Year's Eve is the one night everyone likes to get sauced. So if you are looking for a place to party New Year's Eve, maybe you need to head in the opposite direction of New York City to Watertown. You may not have as much to see there, but the hotels and drinks will be WAY cheaper!

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