It never ceases to amaze how fast we fall back into the ruts we were in the day before February 14th. Just 24 hours ago we all scattered to show how much we love each other with candies and flowers. That kind of sentiment only lasts as long as the sugar rush from the candy or the time it takes for the flowers to wilt. Meanwhile there are no more post on Facebook about love and Flower shops have no more lines. The waits at the restaurants are less and less. February 15th is the REAL reason I hate Valentine's Day. I look at it this way. When you need a "Hallmark Holiday" to show someone you care, Do you really care that much? The little things are the things you can do everyday to show the person that makes your life better, see how much you care. Everyday you can write a note, send a text, go for a walk, grab a drink, do the things that you know means something to them. The "special" days are fun, but they don't fix months of "just getting by". Listen or don't. What do I really know? I'm a single guy. Just my 2 cents from the top of my soap box.

 Happy February 15th go hug signifcant other and best friend. If that isn't the same person you've got work to do.