Every morning on the show we tackle an issue from our listeners. Today was a tough one about a woman who was at the end of her rope with her Husband. It seems after 25 years of marriage, he seemed to never initiate intimacy. They still had moments but never without her aggressively pursuing it. I think it was a great "dilemma" as I am sure this woman is not alone and that after all those years, with work,kids, and the stress of life, many people have similar stories.

Maybe you have some advice for her, or anyone in that situation, if you do please feel free to use the "comment" section below this blog. I can only assume that she will read this as well as hopefully listening this morning. Remember, if you have a dilemma, whether it's yours or a friends, or just one you have always wondered about , e mail me at smcmaster@wgna.com.

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