This will get some watercooler talk going today!   I'm sure we'll be fighting it out on the morning show at some point as well.  According to the Wall Street Journal, there's at least one Chinese mother who feels that their country is MUCH better at raising successful kids.  How?  By not taking any ....crap!  I guess that's the best way to summarize this article.  This is a MUST read. 

I'll just give you one snippet to show you what they're saying, according to the WSJ

... If a child comes home with an A-minus on a test, a Western parent will most likely praise the child. The Chinese mother will gasp in horror and ask what went wrong. If the child comes home with a B on the test, some Western parents will still praise the child. Other Western parents will sit their child down and express disapproval, but they will be careful not to make their child feel inadequate or insecure, and they will not call their child "stupid," "worthless" or "a disgrace." Privately, the Western parents may worry that their child does not test well or have aptitude in the subject or that there is something wrong with the curriculum and possibly the whole school. If the child's grades do not improve, they may eventually schedule a meeting with the school principal to challenge the way the subject is being taught or to call into question the teacher's credentials...

       So in other words..."Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be....American!! "    (another parody in the works!!!)

       In the meantime, please read this article, and we would love to hear your comments, either here on the blog or on the Sean and Richie Facebook account.