To celebrate 25 years of marriage, we decided to do something special and completely "off the charts" this past week.  It was so much so that Im going to have to tell it in stages if you don't mind!


First we jumped on US Air in Albany last Saturday with our good friends,Linda and George Dickie who also are celebrating the quarter century mark!)  and after a transfer in Philadelphia, we took a little 8 hour flight where we then transferred to a small, intimate vessel:

Yes, a Celebrity Cruise Ship (The Equinox) that left from ROME!  And I don't mean Rome, New York!  According to, it weighs 122,000 tons , is 1,033 feet long and has 1426 cabins.  It's a monster.

As you can see, you had your choice of pools.  It was only about 60 degrees during the day, but it was perfect weather to walk around outside or use the walking track

We were in this position ALOT (when we weren't on tours!).  I don't know who that other guy is-I just hope it wasn't the ship's captain!

Celebrity Equinox dining room

They had several formal dining rooms and specialty restaurants (Chinese, Italian etc), or you could go to the buffet at any time of day or nite (like an idiot, I never took a shot of that-mostly because we were too busy eating!)

Even playing ping pong was a classy experience on this ship.  Look at your surroundings!

A panoramic view off of the port side (left to you and me) of another ship passing us at dusk



And finally, take a "virtual ride" with me down the elevator for a cutaway view


And now for the shocking part-the price.  No! I mean this in a GOOD way.  The whole week was only $799 a person!  Of course, getting there is the big expense because it leaves from Europe, but just reminding you that cruising is the way to go if you want a great all-inclusive vacation.  If you'd like more information, check out  I hope you get a chance to do this sometime.  It's an amazing experience!