Last night the hand picked, top 12 boys sang their hearts away on "American Idol."  We won't know the results until tonight's show.  Also, tonight the 12 girls will get their chance to impress America and the judges, starting at 8pm on Fox.

Country guru and contestant, Scotty McCreery, gave country music the spotlight for a bit on last night's show.  McCreery chose to sing "Letters from Home" by John Michael Montgomery.  He was so good, you felt goosebumps when he started to sing.  I think my favorite line he sang in that song was, "And they all laugh, like there's something funny, 'bout the way I talk."  McCreery, if you haven't heard him, has an extremely low talking/ singing voice -- kind of like Josh Turner.  It makes him very distinct amongst the contestants just because his voice's depth, but also because he has a southern accent.  It would be interesting to see if he goes on to win this season's crown and take another home for country music. 

Last year I could have sworn Crystal Bowersox was going to be the next "American Idol" throughout the entire season.  She had my vote almost the entire way with her consistent performances each week and originality that she brought to the stage.  However, that all changed when Lee DeWyze sang "Hallelujah" -- I changed my mind.  I remember coming into the show the next morning after his performance in which the judges picked a song for each contestant.  Simon Cowell chose Lee's song that week.  Richie and I discussed it on the air that morning about how much his wife, Dorie, was in love with him and how I began to share that love for his performances after "Hallelujah."

In case you missed Lee's performance last year or don't even know who Lee DeWyze is (because you're not an "American Idol" fan), here is his performance of "Hallelujah."  I swear, you'll have goosebumps -- I know I did!  Also, look for Simon's facial expression at the end of the video.  Slightly smug, but in my opinion, he obviously knew what he was doing when he picked this song.

I don't think it was so much Lee's vocals of "Hallelujah" that personally did me in, but more his demeanor on stage.  Ladies, can we say puppy eyes?!?!  His modesty and emotion across his face during that performance was DREEEEAMMMYYY!  In the words of Rene Zellweger, "He had me at Hallelujah!"

If you watched "American Idol" last night, who was your favorite and/or least favorite, male singer of the night?  I'm curious to know what you thought of the performances.