Remember the boombox?  That huge, obnoxiously loud , rather expensive piece of equipment that folks used to rest on their shoulders while walking down the street?  Can you even imagine carrying that thing around today?  Well, maybe if it was lighter and more portable it would be marketable, but that's not gonna happen, right?  Wrong!

You see, folks ...wait for it.. THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT.  All you need is an Ipad and a few bucks to purchase "Jamboxx" and you're in!  Actually, it says that it's FREE!  That's even better!

I think this is brilliant!  The virtual world strikes again! You get all of the features of the old style boombox without the pesky bulk of the old model.  And if someone is playing it at the beach next to you, I'm sure it won't be loud because of the small Ipad speaker, so only the Jamboxx owner will hear it!  Nice work!

I'm not sure if you are old enough to remember when the original one was in vogue, but I sure can.  Once I was at the beach with Dorrie (we weren't even married yet!), and this kid sat right next to us playing this kind of music that we had never heard of.  It was called RAP music!  Well, we got very annoyed.  Let me take you back right now and revisit that moment.  This was recorded at LEAST 25 years ago, believe it or not!
Boom box rap by WGNA-FM

So good luck to the folks at Jamboxx - but please KEEP THE VOLUME LOW!