Come on - you know it's been bothering you.  You KNOW it's been keeping you up at nite just like me.  I've wondered about this my entire adult life.  Thank GOD it's been answered finally

Here it is, folks.  The answer!  Scientists have finally discovered why Swiss cheese has holes!  Amen!

According to and  the  BBC,  research at an institute there now believe that the holes are NOT caused by bacteria as previously thought.  Ok, so what's the reason?    Voila! They figured out that It's caused by flecks of hay that have fallen into milk buckets.

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They are very, very small particles (you need a microscope to detect them), and they are able to vary the holes by adjusting the quantity of dust that they put into the milk.

Interestingly enough, you don't see as many holes as you used to, because the process is a lot cleaner than it used to be.  (The buckets are cleaner now - less bacteria).

So there ya go, folks.  Mystery solved.  Next time buy swiss cheese and you are disappointed by the lack of holes, at least you'll know how clean your sandwich is.