On Wednesday, I visited The Bethlehem Children's School and spent some time writing and recording a song with the elementary and middle school kids.  One of the unique things about this school is the multi-age classrooms.   Kids in grades 1 through 5 are grouped together in the Elementary class, and grades 6 through 8 are grouped together in the Middle School class.  I didn't work with the younger kids, but the school also has a pre-k program.  Take a listen (there's also a video included)


I asked the kids if they wanted to start with a song and create their own lyrics to the melody, like a parody, but this group of kids wanted to start from scratch.  They decided on a rap song.

Here is the audio of their song:

mp3 version (right click, download and save!)



Yo! This school is cool

The Bethlehem Children's School

It's very small, we give our all

We don't have any bullies, ya'll

A lot of one on one, and we have fun

And we don't stop til the learning's done.

The greenest school you've ever seen

We're a green, clean, learning machine

We're stewards of the earth, we don't take it for granted

It's everyone's job to save the planet

Little school, BIG education.

We're on our favorite radio station

107.7 GNA

 BONUS VIDEO - Behind the Scenes - The Making of the Song


                                                        Special thanks to
                                         "Digital Debbie" Dragon for her help
                                                 Ralph Fahnestock (director)
Brittany Pardi (elementary teacher)
Sue Gutman (middle school teacher)
and Olivia d’Oelsnitz