I have written about this sort of thing before but today I'd really like to talk to those of you who are kind of "on the fence" when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy action stories. Maybe you are quick to point out to people that you do not like that kind of thing but you

also have enjoyed the show "Heroes" or the movies "X-Men" or "Ironman". Perhaps you were surprised at how much you enjoyed "Spiderman", or the TV show, "Fringe." If you fit into this catagory, or you know you are a fan of all thing science fiction, I know that you will enjoy the new show "Alphas".

This is a new show on the SyFy network that you can catch on Monday nights at 10pm.It is currently about four episodes old but I know you  you can find the first episode on line. I think you will enjoy it.

The show is similar to "Heroes" and "X- Men" in that it involves people with special abilities. What I like about it is that these special abilities have so far not been all that unbelievable. Will you need to take a leap of faith with your imagination? Yes, but not all that big of a leap.  The other thing that is endearing about the characters is that as much as they have an amazing gift, much like all of us it is usually balanced with a pretty significant flaw. The actors do a fine job with the believability and depth of the characters and the interaction between the casts are pretty good.

The one that stands out is a character named, Gary Bell. Gary has a very unusual gift that makes him an "Alpha" he has an ability to "see" and interact with electro- magnetic signals, without the use of the hardware he can see and hear cell phone signals, TV signals, computer signals and so on. Gary is also autistic. Now as a director you have to think , man we have to find just the right actor to play this part as it could go very badly if not done well and with respect. I think the actor, Ryan Cartwright ( most recently on "Bones") does an amazing job. I am sure he will quickly become a character that you enjoy tuning in to see each and every week. Here is a Quick peak at Gary in action , enjoy the clip and I hope you go on to view the pilot and enjoy this show with me this year.