Black Friday is all about great deals, and these Capital Region chain retailers will be offering some deep discounts.

Ya know, every year I say to myself 'I have no idea why folks go shopping on Black Friday.' And then when you see the deals, it is still hard to fathom dealing with the crowds, but at least it makes more sense. There is a lot of money to be saved if you can brave the crowds and the lines the day after Thanksgiving.

So where can you save the most in the Capital Region on Friday? According to Wallethub, Macy's will have the best discounts of any of the national chains we have in the area with an an average of 63.4% off! JC Penney and Harbor Freight are also up there with an average of 62% off storewide. Kohl's is also among their top ten with an average of 58.1% Black Friday. Sears, CVS, Office Depot, Toys R Us and many more are on Wallethub's list if you want to add some more destinations to your shopping run.

Happy shopping this Black Friday, and don;t let the crowds get to ya!

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