Monday we kick off the 107 Dollar Bill Game on Today's Country 1077. If you haven't found a lucky buck keep looking. The $1 bill in this picture would be a winner and then some!

The owner of this bill came by to show it to me on Thursday afternoon during a broadcast with 1077 'GNA at Saratoga Casino and Raceway. You don't need one this good to win but you do need a $1 bill with 107 in consecutive order withing the serial number. We'll pay you $107 for them 3 times a day, and put you in a drawing for $1,077 at the end of the contest on December 5th. If you have a 1077 in the serial number you can win the $107 and a pair of tickets to see Easton Corbin or Rascal Flatts in concert. Start looking for those lucky bucks. Send me a picture of your lucky buck, and I'll put together a "Hall of Fame" gallery. Haha.

For the record I haven't come across one yet. LOL