I absolutely LOVE this new song by Keith Urban and Eric Church. "Raise Em Up" is such a great tune and paints a great picture.  I was wondering the other day who actually wrote the song, and I found out some really interesting information about it.First of all, let's make sure you know the song of which I speak. Here's the video:

Now, according to "Country Weekly," here's how it went down. Keith emailed a demo of this song to Eric Church, and would you like to know his response? According to the article, his reply was "The Hell With You" (actually, it was much worse than that, but I am editorializing).

Huh? Seriously? Yes. That was his answer, but let's explain. He said that because he was so mad and jealous that Keith wrote such an amazing song and he didn't.

Now time for total transparency—Keith didn't even write the song, and he told him that. It was submitted to him from a publishing company. It wasn't even written for two people to sing, but Keith heard it as a duet and thought that Eric would be perfect. They went into the studio and made it their own, to be sure.

So there you have it, the background of one of my favorite songs that we play on 'GNA. Just thought you'd like that. For more of that story, you can go to CountryWeekly.com.

I actually wrote a parody of it, but apparently Sean didn't think it sounded like it at all, so I guess I'll just file it on my computer.