Last night was the second to last episode of "The Bachelor" on ABC.  Bachelor, Brad Womack, is down to two girls, Emily and Chantal O.  

Now if you have been following the entire season of Brad's love trials then you know Emily is the blonde girl who  has a daughter back home.  She is also the one who Brad has desperately tried to get even closer to by asking to meet her daughter.  In an earlier episode, Emily was wishy-washy on allowing Brad to meet her daughter, Ricki, because she didn't want her to get confused and hurt.  However, last week, he went home and finally met Ricki.  Though a little ackward at first, Ricki finally warmed up to Brad in the end because he brought her a gift.

As for Chantal O., she was the first girl out of the limo in week one of the show.  She also was the girl who walked right up to Brad  and slapped him across the face saying, "that's for every girl in America."  This was in reference to Brad's first run on the show, in which he didn't pick either of the two finalists.  (If you are still confused over who is who, head to the official website for "The Bachelor" at ABC.)

Now, a few seasons back, Reality Steve let the cat out of the bag when it came to bachelor Jason Messick and his two finalists, Melissa and Molly.  Reality Steve knew Jason was going to pick Melissa at the final rose ceremony, but then, also knew, Jason changed his mind to Molly.  So should we trust Reality Steve this season?

All I will say is neither Chantal O. nor Emily are next season's 'Bachlorette" -- Ashley H. is!  If you want to know the possible spoiler according to what Reality Steve has heard and predicts about this season, click Steve's Spoiler Alert.  Otherwise, the suspense for next week's final episode will only keep brewing.