Last night on "The Bachelor," Brad Womack brought the remaining three girls, Chantal O., Ashley H., and Emily to Africa.  I can now see why girls try out for this show because the experiences are endless and the opportunities to see things you might not normally be able to afford, are incredible!  What girl wouldn't want to ride an elephant?!?!  Okay, maybe not all girls, but this girl right here would!

However, with the positive I guess comes the negative.  When you are one of three finalists left on the show, a lot of anticipation also causes a lot of tension and emotion.  Some of these girls have had a hard time eloquently saying good-bye causing some harsh feelings surface and wah-la!  You've got reality tv!  This week, the girl who Brad did not give a rose to, did a fabulous job saying her farewell to the show, to the viewers, and to the camera.  Job well done in my opinion, even if she did not win the prize.

Check out her farewell and tell me if you agree.

"The Bachelor" airs on ABC, Monday nights. Next Monday, will be decision time for Brad Womack. Let's hope this time around he is a little more decisive!