With all the awards shows that we have, especially with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards and Academy Awards right around the corner, I was thinking-Why don't we make an award for awards shows.

Most of us know there'll be movies nominated for awards for both shows,  like "Black Swan", "127 Hours" (one of my favorites), "The Fighter", The King's Speech" and more.

Imagine, you could do the voting for your favorite awards show, whether it's one of those 2, or the CMAs, The Grammys, The People's Choice, my favorite-"The Razzies" or whatever awards show you like. That show would get a nice little trophy, and you helped choose the winner. We could call it "The Awardies". There would be no long "thank you" speeches.

Imagine hearing-"This Sunday night, see the Awardy winning awards show, The Sag Awards". Just a fun little idea I thought I would share with you.