Time to get political for a minute, which is always a danger.  "Never discuss politics or religion", right?  You're bound to alienate one side or the other.  But love him or hate him, you've gotta listen to what Bill Clinton says is the answer to our money woes - GREEN JOBS!

I saw  this article on Newsweek.com that caught my attention and it really gets you thinking.  Maybe we didn't tap his brain enough when he was our leader!  We were so caught up in his personal problems that we never saw how smart he really was! (not trying to push an agenda here, so don't email me - I'm just sayin'..)

You can check the article to see his ideas, but basically he says that if we all could start thinking about "green technology" and all of the jobs that could come out of that, it might bring us out of the monetary abyss that we're in.   And here at the Sean and Richie show, we were actually priviledged to have him pop in and sing about it! (I knew he played sax, but never knew he sang!)

We thank Mr. Clinton for stopping in.  (His motorcade took up 11 spaces in our parking lot! )Do you agree with Bubba Bill?  Would love to know!