To quote a famous politician: "It takes a village to run a school." (Ok, I added the "school" part). Well there's a lady at Jefferson Elementary School in the Schalmont system who helps keep a certain little village running smoothly every day, and was honored the other night.

She's known around these parts as Mrs. "R". That's short for Mrs. Rudolfsen.  She is a volunteer aid at Jefferson, and was given a special award for her effort at the SAANYS dinner held at the Waters Edge Lighthouse in Glenville.

photo by Richie Phillips  (She's the smiling lady holding the award next to Principal Joby Gifford)

Remember - I said VOLUNTEER.  That's correct.  She gives of her time, along with many others like her in countless school districts in the area.  I thought it was really great that an organization of school administrators would recognize the good works of not only their fellow members, but a very important support staff person as well.  As you see in the photo, many of the folks that she helps came along to cheer her on, which was nice to see as well.

Congrats to Mrs "R". Having visited this school several times myself (hello, Mrs. Pink!)  it seems like a fantastic place to work.  I'm sure that attitude has to rub off on the students too. I've witnessed it!


Recently I was thrilled, honored and humbled to receive an award from the School Administrators Association of New York for the Reading, Writing and Rhyming program.