When I say Zoo, I mean it in a good way: the Albany Airport has a new animal greeter to help travelers relax.

Meet 'Bacon Bits,' Albany International Airport's newest, employee I guess? According to the Times Union, the pig just became the 2nd therapy swine in the country. There is also one in San Francisco.

The point of the pig? To help travelers relax! The Times Union says he (Yes, Bacon Bits is a boys name.) is joining the existing crew of 30 dogs who currently roam the airport to comfort passengers and help them relax.

My first reaction was this is nuts, and after letting it sink in, it is actually genius. Imagine yourself at the airport, stressed out, waiting for your flight and maybe you are also a nervous flyer. Then you see a pig roaming around. Chances are pretty good it would distract you from all that stress and put a smile on your face for a minute or two.

I have a couple trips coming up in the new year; I hope I get to meet Bacon Bits. And maybe I can talk them into taking my cats to add to the comfort crew at the airport!!!