Now that Christmas has come and gone, Winter is in full swing. But will we break any of these records in the coming months?

Let's hope the answer to that question is no! But, we should be ready for what could happen this winter right? So to get you ready, here are the top 5 coldest days in Albany history on record, according to

5. (Tie) Lets kick things off with a balmy -24 degrees. Since temperatures have been recorded, we have hit -24 three times: January 5, 1904, January 14, 1957 and January 19, 1970. -24 is cold in any year. Though much easier to deal with by 1957 and 1970 by staying inside and watching television.

4. Get ready to shiver. On January 11, 1968 it was -25 degrees. This was part of a legendary cold spell in the Capital Region. For eight days in January 1968 the temperature was 0 degrees or less. This is the 4th longest cold wave ever recorded in Albany. According to, The longest cold wave ever recorded was 15 days in the Winter of 1961.

2 (Tie). January 31, 1948 and January 12, 1968. Both of these were super cold as the mercury only rose to -26 degrees. Or in this case did the mercury fall?? Very frickin' cold indeed. Anyone start a fire yet?

And the coldest day on record in Albany is....

1.On January 19, 1971, Albany hit the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Capital: -28 Degrees. I don't know if there are enough extra blankets on the planet.

So there you have it, the 5 coldest days on record in Albany to make you feel better about the balmy temperatures we are having right now. It can be much worse. You just saw the proof!

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