Every year around Christmas time, the people at PNC Wealth Management calculate how much it would cost to buy all the stuff from "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  I mean, I highly doubt that anyone is going to buy all that stuff, but I guess it's good to figure out how much it would cost if you wanted to.

And this year, it'll cost you right around what it would've cost you last year.

The total this year is $34,131. That's just 0.6% higher than last year, when it was $33,933. Only three of the items cost more this year. A partridge in a pear tree is 3.5% more expensive, two turtle doves are up 11.5%, and 10 lords-a-leaping will cost 3% more. Old men jumping around is apparently getting more pricey every year!

The most expensive thing on the list is the seven swans-a-swimming. They'll run $13,125, or about $1,875 per swan.

When PNC first calculated the prices in 1984, the entire list only ran $12,674.

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