The Huffington Post did a story on the eight hottest things women say they want from men and they have NOTHING to do with sex.  Then I read their list and had our listeners add to it!  We came up with this list -

1.  Rub her feet or back, and DON'T ask for anything in return.


2.  Take her side when she's upset about something.


3.  Be a good tipper.


4.  Be decisive.


5.  Plan a vacation.


6.  Be thoughtful with your gifts.


7.  Send flowers to her office.


8.  Remember important dates, like her birthday and your anniversary.


9. Clean without being asked.


10.  Be good at your job.


11. Manual labor.

Can you think of any more?  Add them in the comments section below!  Here's hoping your man did something hot this weekend!