There are all these studies that come out ranking jobs and we always joke around in the studio that "DJ" or "Radio Personality" or "Broadcaster" is never on any list!

So, when I saw that we had finally made it to a "list" I was excited!

Until I found out what list it was...

According to a new study by, "BROADCASTER" is the seventh most stressful job you can have.

They looked at 11 different kinds of job demands that evoke stress, both physical AND mental.  Here are the ten most stressful jobs . . .

  1. Firefighter
  2. Member of the military
  3. General in the military
  4. Airline pilot
  5. Police officer
  6.  Actor
  7.  Broadcaster . . . Ha!
  8. Event coordinator.
  9. Photojournalist.
  10. Newspaper reporter

They also ranked the LEAST stressful jobs you can have.

That's usually a combination of job security, a good hiring outlook, salary, and few physical demands or deadlines.  The top ten are . . .

  1. Hair stylist.
  2. Audiologist . . . which is someone who tests people's hearing.
  3. University professor.  Specifically ones who have tenure.
  4. Medical records technician.
  5. Jeweler.
  6. Medical laboratory technician.
  7. Tailor.
  8. Dietician.
  9. Librarian.
  10. Forklift operator.

We got so many calls from all of our amazing, hard-working listeners who all said that their jobs should also be on the list!  And I have to agree!

Here's what you added this morning -

  • Nurse
  • Pre-School Teacher
  • Trucker
  • Tow-Truck Driver
  • Bus Driver
  • Horseback Trail Guide
  • Cook
  • Fast Food Drive Through Attendant

There are so many more we could add to the list!

Thanks for participating with us on the air!  We have more fun when you get so involved!  And, after talking to all of you about your stressful jobs, Richie and I decided to take ourselves off the list!  Hanging out with you guys every morning makes the stress we sometimes feel, all totally worth it!



David McNew/Getty Images