I've got to say- it's hard to surprise me, because I thought radio had prepared me for everything, but I had quite a shock the other day.

I received a random Instagram request from a name I didn't recognize. The request was from 'Tara Dane'.

The name didn't ring any bells with me, but she had a cute profile picture, so I did what any single dude on the planet Earth would have done. I immediately stalked the crap out of her profile.

Upon a thorough inspection, I realized 'Tara Dane' is actually a stage name of a girl I had a crush on in high school. We worked together for the summer, and you could say she was my first summer crush.

We chatted a little bit, and we caught up with what we've been up to for the last um, decade. Ouch, that stung a little bit.

She's an actress in LA now. You may recognize her. She's all over the road in this Easton Corbin video. By the way, ladies, she did say Easton Corbin is a good kisser.