Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese, green beans, turnip, creamed onions, pecan pie and ice cream all add up to one thing, HEARTBURN!

Don't just grab the Rolaids when this happens. There is a difference between antacids and these are the five that have always worked well for me.

5. Tums

They work if you're in a hurry. Chew 3 to get the ball rolling. Plus you get calcium with them.

4. Prevacid


There are a lot of over the counter doses of former prescrition brand heartburn relief meds out there and this one is pretty good. Takes it a good half hour to kick in for me.

3. Mylanta

The liquid is great. Hey, "my doctor said Mylanta". LOL

2. Pepto Bismol

The oldies but goodies still get the job done fast. I have actually found if you take 2 spoons before you eat and 2 after you eat that it stops heartburn dead in its tracks.

1. Zantac

This is the Cadillac of OTC heartburn relief. It is worth its weight in gold.