After seeing so many people using their cell phones for texting, it made me start to think about communications from many, many years ago (long before any of us were born).

There was this thing called hieroglyphics. As I looked at the pictures of these strange looking characters from ancient Egypt, it kind of reminded me of modern day texting. It was a new form of communicating, with various symbols and abbreviations. Of course they used more than just their thumbs; after all, that texting was done mostly on rock.

It also brought to mind what someone had to know to be a secretary, better known as an administrative assistant. This person had to know shorthand: A series of abbreviations that would be transferred to a document that could be read by anyone. They even had classes in school for this.

Don’t forget about those vanity license plates. Great for something personal to the owner of that vehicle.

In general, these things, some known as acronyms have been used for a long time, and has just adapted to modern day technology. I did manage to find a quick online reference for some of these abbreviations. So have a GR8T day, lol often and I’ll ttys.