The Giudices are in some major trouble, as you may have learned.  Teresa is going to prison for awhile, and her husband will get his turn when she's released.  However, Teresa hasn't given up the fight yet

According to,  Teresa allegedly has hired a lawyer to sue her…LAWYER (or ex-lawyer, to be exact).

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She is suing him reportedly for a cool $5 million claiming that:

The New Jersey Real Housewife says James Kridel, who handled the family's original 2010 bankruptcy filing, botched that filing and then "prepared faulty amendments" to it, the New York Daily Newsreports.


Interesting.  Do you think she will win this?  Could this be the jumping off point for yet another reality show?

Also, according to, their house is up for sale because of all of these financial troubles.  On this site you can actually take a tour of the mansion (as if you don't know what it looks like already from watching the show!)

Wow - I sure wouldn't want their headaches, would you?