I had a stint as a Social Studies teacher  for 5 years on Eastern Long Island.  I had to prepare 3 lesson plans a night. Never worked that hard in my life.  This service would have certainly made life easier, but hold on a minute here

First the story, and then the inappropriate commentary.  According to a story at mashable.com :

Deanna Jump, a kindergarten teacher from Georgia, has made $700,000 selling her lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers, an ecommerce startup where teachers offer their lesson plans to fellow educators.

Inappropriate Comment Time

Now there's two ways of look at this.  Yes, this allows teachers to share what they themselves have learned, and it does save a lot of extra work on their part.  So what we're saying here is that you're getting someone else to do your work for you.  Ok - time for my rant.  ISN'T THAT JUST LIKE KIDS SHARING THEIR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS ONLINE?

I'm friends with a teacher who couldn't go to the movies with us because she had to go home and prepare her lesson plans.  I'm sure she'd love this service, but knowing how devoted she is to her career, I'm pretty sure she would think it's sidestepping her responsibilities.   (Wow, I'm gonna get in trouble for this, I know.)

If you're a teacher, chime in here.  I can take it.