Man, I wish I had this kind of luck!!

We have been talking a lot on the show lately on the importance of education and how many of the teachers these days have to go into their own pockets or seek funding just to provide their kids with the tools they need to learn. Well, here is one teacher who may not have any trouble getting the kids in her class the right books, paper or supplies they need.

A teacher from Maryland kicked off "Teachers Week" on Wheel of Fortune with a BIG win!  One Million Dollars to be exact!!

Now, if you watch the show, you know you have to spin to get the million dollar wedge, then you have to make sure you don't land on bankrupt and THEN you have to WIN to get to the bonus!  If you can overcome these obstacles, you now have to spin the wheel in the bonus round and land on that particular million dollar card and solve the final puzzle!  AND SHE DID IT!

If you think THAT is the hard part, how about having to hide the fact that you are millionaire for 3 months!!  The show was taped in the spring!  UGH!  Well, I guess I could keep this million dollar secret!  It would be so hard though!

Take a look at the news story and watch her beat the odds to become the 3rd million dollar winner on Wheel Of Fortune!