Because it sweeps me away and takes me on a journey to my fantasies... that's why I love Taylor Swift's new song, 'Wildest Dreams'.  The song is beautiful, the video is beautiful, and proceeds from it will go to save African wild life!

So, why then, is there all kinds of controversy?

The song, and video is about a love affair that a starlet has with her married co-star while they're on set in Africa.  The relationship is doomed.

The video is based on classic Hollywood romances like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, as well as classic movies like The African Queen, Out of Africa and The English Patient.  And, when you watch it, you can totally pick up on that vibe.

The controversy comes because the video is shot in Africa, it about Africa, and yet features mainly white. people.

Critics are saying it romanticizes white colonialism, and uses Africa as a backdrop for a story about white people.

Check out the video and let me know what you think -