It's kind of a buyer's market out there, don't you think?  There seems to be a ton of houses for sale in the Capital Region.  Interest rates are still good as well, so you can probably make some good deals.  I say you might as well go big or go home.  Taylor swift did.  

Taylor has many investments, I'm sure.  I've read various reports about how many houses she actually owns.  One said 4, but I've seen that number change depending upon who you ask.

One of these little gems is a house owned by late film producer Samuel Goldwyn in Beverly Hills  according to a fabulous website called



It is a mere 10,982 square feet and has 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.  According to the article it includes:

a library-screening room, a guest suite with a private entrance on the home’s main level, a library, a card room, a gym and a private guest apartment above the garage.  

Looks like she bought it for $25 million, but it was originally on the market for about $28 mill, so that's a great savings, don't you think?  Good for you, Taylor.

You can see the rest of the rooms and other deals on the TopTenRealEstateDeals website