I hate to bring the party down here, but it's time to get serious.  Someone from one of the great sitcoms of the past is now in a coma after an apparent overdose.  That would be sad enough without saying anything else.  But I'm actually a combination of sad AND angry over this storyFirst the story, according to E News

And now time for a bitter editorial.  It's extremely sad, no doubt.  But heres what makes it sadder.  The sad part is that this guy has had problems for years.   But it's OK to put him on a network show and make it a form of entertainment to watch a guy fall apart in real time for the world to see  all in the name of Nielson ratings.   It sickens me that you can make a television show out of people hitting rock bottom, and WE ALL WATCH IT!

Now I actually feel guilty for seeing that show in the first place.

I felt  the same about Gary Busey.  Another person with obvious problems. and we put him on the Apprentice and use him for comic relief.  I was actually concerned that when he was thrown off he would "crack".   But that would have been GREAT TV in the twisted world of reality television. Great new show - Celebrity Nervous Breakdown.  You could put all of them into a room with padded walls and see who completely falls apart first.  I hope you can smell the sarcasm.

Again, I'm just like you.  If I'm scanning the channels and see something like this, I stop and watch too.  That's what is so weird about human nature.  But I still find it pretty sickening that what's happening on TV these days  is nothing more sophisticated than a circus freak show. Sad.  (It must be the rain putting me in this gloomy mood.)