On Wednesday night, November 16 starting at 7:00 p.m., it will be time to go to school - Taste Of Home cooking school at the Crown Plaza in Albany. It's only $15 dollars, and you'll get a cooking lesson or two, and some tips that will be very useful in the kitchen. Your teacher for the evening will be Chef Michael Barna. He's a Works as a Culinary Specialist for the Taste of Home Cooking School, which is in Greendale, Wisconsin. If you get the Taste Of Home Cooking School Magazine you won't want to miss out.

On your way into the show, you'll get a Price Chopper bag filled with all kinds of goodies including recipes and money saving coupons.

This is what Richie Phillips, Selena Dutcher - our marketing guru, myself and other members of our Townsquare Media staff were helping to put together on Friday afternoon, so you can get yours at the show on Wednesday. Maybe you'll get an idea for your Thanksgiving dinner.

If you're heading out to do some shopping this weekend, you may want to head to Price Chopper, because that's where you can get your tickets. Just a warning, the last two years, the shows sold out early. What are some of your favorite recipes?