You wouldn't think it would make sense to take out those all important stress reducing TV monitors on your favorite airline, but one company is doing it, and it might just make sense

According to an article on taking TV's out of aircraft and replacing them with iPads will make airplanes 7% lighter, thus saving fuel and according to the article:

Fuel is “the number one worry” for any airline, as it usually accounts for at least 40 percent of costs, Wilson said in a June 1 interview in Singapore. Scoot will charge economy passengers S$22 ($17) a trip to rent the tablets, which are loaded with movies, music, games and television shows.

Scoot refers to a new budget airline out of Singapore.  But did you see what they are charging to rent the tablets?

I'm not sure about all of this personally.    I love these budget airlines that offer cheap fares, but then $17 to rent an iPad, $150 for an extra carry-on, $10 for peanuts, $45 to use the bathroom (there actually is an airline that wanted to charge for that, believe it or not).

Would you pay that much to use an iPad?  Do you use budget airlines?  Does it save you money? Do I ask too many questions?  Leave your comments below