Ok - you say you know everything about beer? Time to put your money where your... beer glass is

In honor of Saratoga Beer Week, I found some fun facts about beer.  Let's see what you know and what stumps you.

#1.  How old is the oldest beer ad?

a. 50 years old

b. 150 years old

c. 4000 years old

d. Prehistoric


#2. Who said "Beer is proof that God loves us?

a. Billy Graham

b. Bill Cosby

c  Ben Franklin

d. Sean McMaster

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#3. What country has the most beer brands on earth?

a. Russia

b. Belgium

c. The good old U.S.A.

d. France


#4. Which is NOT true about beer?

a. It actually decreases your I.Q. over time

b. It strengthens your bones

c. It prevents kidney stones

d. It contains most of the minerals needed to survive.


5.  Hops used in the making of beer are in the same family of flowering plants as

a. roses

b. dandelions

c. tulips

d. marijuana

Source: Daily Infographic.com

Answers - 1. C

2. C

3. B

4. A

5. D (yes, I said D! )