This should make you think hard about all of these trains that pass through downtown Albany in the middle of the nite.  It definitely freaks ME out..

 According to Yahoo, there was a horrible train derailment in Mount Carbon, West Va, about 30 miles southeast of Charleston.  A tanker fell into the river and exploded, and 17 other tankers caught fire and blew up.    Oil definitey spilled, obviously.  Part of the train hit a house!  There is a state of emergency as we speak. Video below via YouTube

Isn't this the very thing we're worried about here?  Is anybody out there upset about this besides me?  Those tankers down in Albany pass through very populated areas.  This is very scary

And if that isn't scary enough, how about this study from the Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Association.

Wow-  that's all I can say. It's actually too much to wrap my head around.  How about you?  What do YOU think we should do about these tankers?  Would love to know your comments.