Sad day in the world of music today, as former "Velvet Underground" vocalist Lou Reed died at age 71. Maybe you never have heard of Lou. To many he isn't a household name, but for every musician and lover of the New York City rock sound he was indeed a legend.

Lou Reed, Getty Images

I must admit, it was only one song that made me love Lou Reed, "Take a Walk on the Wild Side." There is just so many things I love about that song: it's easy going rhythm and base line, the incredibly smooth, and of course the amazing, saxophone.

In fact, when some of us in the Gloversville High School class of '85 went on a trip to Europe it was our theme song for the adventure. Now, mind you, there are some "risque" lines in the song not all of them applied to our trip it was just the "feel" of the song and the walking on the wild side of life that we all loved.

So Lou, thank you for a sweet sweet memory and all of your great innovative music and style. You will be missed.

I can't resist for those of you who have never heard it, here is "Take a Walk On The Wild Side" (again, some lyrical content may not be suitable for all)"