Hysterical Video Of A Dog Day Morning [VIDEO]
I'm sure you have seen these types of videos before, especially if you love dogs like I do. I think if you go to YouTube and search "Dog eating at the table" you would find a million of them. This one however is a little different, and I think better.
Google Car Drives Itself – Who Wants One? [VIDEO]
I remember growing up thinking, imagine if cars drove themselves?  Even talking to my boys about a day in their future when the car will have “auto pilot.”  I would LOVE That!  Could it happen soon?  Maybe not as soon as I would like it, but a study do…
Pro Golfer Lexi Thompson Wants A Prom Date – [VIDEO]
I really like this story. I don't know if you have heard about the stories of soldiers asking famous people to go to an event with them but it has kind of become a trend on YouTube. The most famous that I can remember is a soldier who asked Mila Kunis to the Marine Corp Ball in a YouTube Video.
The Funniest & Best Sales Guy Ever [VIDEO]
I was at a friend's house on Sunday for a small gathering/party and since the Nascar race was canceled half way through, we got talking about some of the funniest things on YouTube.
Lady Antebellum Could Play Your Prom
Big news -  Lady Antebellum is hosting a contest.  The winner will be able to have the band perform at their junior prom, senior prom, or even reunion if the situation presents itself.

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