Kinect With Disneyland Adventures [VIDEO]
As someone who just made his first trip to Disney World let me tell you it is AMAZING! So imagine if you could have share the magic of Disney in your living room with your whole family. Thanks to XBOX Kinect now you can! Disneyland Adventures for the Kinect looks awesome...
Alan Wake A Xbox 360 Game Worth Checking Out [VIDEO]
Anyone that listens to "The Sean and Richie Show" knows I tend to be a big child now and then. Which is a detail I wear with pride. Well as a big kid I do enjoy well made video games. The thing is I wait for my nephew Zach to play them all, tell which ones I'll like and then borrow them. I…
Line Dance In The Comfort Of Your Home
If you love all the new dance video games out there, you will be happy to know there is a new game for the country crowd. It's called simply "Country Dance" from GameMill Entertainment and will be in stores on March 29th.