Ice Fishing Ends Friday
Daylight Savings Time is here, we've seen temperatures approach 50, and Spring arrives on March 20, 2103. This is all great news, unless you like to ice fish.
We Found Nemo! [MEME]
While we aren't fans of naming winter storms, we also find the choice of Nemo for a storm to be almost as silly as naming them in the first place. Like most of the internet, we decided to have some fun with this and created our own meme - especially after we found Nemo.
Albany School Closings and Weather Information
Have you heard we're getting a storm? We haven't had much winter in the past two years so any storm delivering any amount of snowfall gets people all excited. We're expecting a pretty big storm though and many schools decided to close ahead of the storm. Our list of closings is contin…
Tips For Protecting Dogs and Cats From The Cold
Temperatures are in the single digits and we want to be sure that dogs and cats are protected from the cold. If you see a pet outside for too long, please be their voice and keep them safe and alive during these dangerously low conditions.
Will We Have a White Christmas in the Albany + Capital District Area?
Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? The Bing Crosby song is timeless and also says a lot to so many people. When I was living in Phoenix, AZ and flew back to Albany for the Christmas holiday, all I wanted was a white Christmas. Regardless of if you live here or not,  many people want to have some…

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