Local Splash Pad Helps Beat Oppresive Heat
Plans to build the the Scotia Splash Pad started back in 2016 but it's construction  amounted to nothing more than a tiny squirt.  When problems arose from various conract issues resulting in multiple delays, many local businesses in and around Scotia stepped up and the Scotia Splash …
Help Local Bunny Find Missing Kid [PHOTO]
When I was younger, my white cat stuffed animal was my everything and when I left it in Disney World- I was crushed. We can stop that from happening and help return this cute bunny back to their best friend.
How To Protect Your Pets From The Heat
We are set to have record heat for the next ten days. As humans, we need to take necessary precautions to stay cool, but we can't forget about our furry friends. Here are some tips to help keep your pets safe in the heat.
BOGO Frappuccinos Today (June 29th)
There is nothing like an ice cold beverage on a hot summer day. The only thing better is getting the second one for free. Today (June 29th) you can buy one frappuccino and get one free. Here's how.
Crossgates Getting ‘Beautiful New’ Restaurant This Fall
A recent press release was issued about the opening of a 'beautiful new' restaurant inside Crossgates Mall. Construction is slated to begin soon and will last about 60 days. According to Hospitality Syracuse, Inc. this locally owned and operated restaurant will feature a state-of-art kitchen and bri…
Why Is Good Customer Service So Hard To Find?
Ok, so maybe on a scale of 1-10, this may be only 6.  Maybe a 7.  But it really annoyed the crap outta me - and it just happened - so it feels like a 9 right now. Last night, I attempted to make an after-hours cash deposit at my bank.  Not only was the ATM unable to accept deposits (for unknown reas…
Brace Yourself For Insane Heatwave Headed Our Way
Get ready to see a ridiculous amount of social media posts showing 117° degree temperatures on your backyard thermostat, dogs slobbering all over an ice cream cone, and sweat stains on the car seats cuz it's gonna be a scorcher, and NOT just for a few days! This check on the elderly, massive swamp-b…
Nearby Adult Summer Camp is My Vacation Dream
I hear about kids this time of year going to summer camp and I'm so jealous! I want to have the summers off from work to go play outside with my friends and I just found a summer camp where I can!

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